About our services

B.Link is a consultancy agency specialised in international funding, particularly from the European Union.  

To ensure the success of our intervention, we provide comprehensive and personalised support, adapted to the specificities of each client and project. We believe in collaboration, co-creation, and open communication among all involved parties to ensure efficient and enriching cooperation.  

Our company offers a range of services covering all stages of a project lifecycle, from initial diagnosis and development of a participation strategy to management, closure, and final evaluation.

Discover our range of services

Diagnosis and strategy

Before beginning to participate in international projects, it is essential to establish the capacity of an organisation to obtain and manage funding. At B.Link, we have developed diagnostic tools that provide a clear picture of your positioning.  Based on this assessment, our experts can create a strategy in the form of a roadmap, detailing the steps to be taken.

Intelligence and monitoring of opportunities

At B.Link, we anticipate European funding opportunities on behalf of our clients. In other words, we identify the most suitable European programmes and monitor potential calls for proposals.

Proposal design and writing

Once the call has been identified, we help our clients prepare their project proposal. We intervene at all key stages: from the project idea and conceptualisation, partner identification and partnership building, budget preparation and design, to the final submission of the proposal.

Negotiation and contracting

If the proposal is selected, we guide our clients through the negotiation and contracting phase, up to the signature of the grant agreement with the concerned authority. We also assist in the drafting of the partnership agreement with the project partners, particularly on issues such as decision-making processes and governance, as well as intellectual property matters.

Implementation support

B.Link’s support during project implementation can take several forms:

  • Coordination: we provide methods to dynamise the partnership and encourage collaboration, as well as tools to facilitate coordination between members of the partnership.
  • Administrative and financial management: we assist in the preparation of technical and financial reports and, if necessary, in requests for contract amendments; we provide our clients with smart and tailor-made monitoring tools.
  • Cascade funding: we have extensive expertise in organising and managing grants destined to third parties in the framework of European projects (financial support to third parties / sub-granting).
  • Maximising impact: we enhance the results of our clients’ projects through capitalisation, transfer, and mainstreaming activities, thanks to our network of institutional contacts at the local, regional, and European level.

In essence, B.Link becomes an integrated actor in the project, contributing to a more efficient and smooth implementation of the project.

Evaluation and closure

Our presence at all stages puts us in a privileged position to carry out quantitative and qualitative evaluations of projects. We offer advice both at mid-term – to measure indicators, optimise budget execution, and improve performance – and at the end of the project, to help prepare reports that convey the results achieved and the lessons learned.

Training and Capacity Building

B.Link offers personalised trainings that adapt to the needs of our clients and their teams. Our methodology, focuses on promoting teamwork and facilitating the exchange of knowledge, incorporating practical exercises and case studies, so that participants can apply the knowledge gained as soon as possible.

General consultancy

In addition to providing advice and assistance on international funding and European projects, B.Link offers several consultancy services related to the analysis and elaboration of strategies and public policies. This includes the drafting of policy recommendations (policy papers) and didactic guides. Our expertise also extends to the design and implementation of communication plans, as well as the development of internationalisation plans for territories and organisations.