Sectors of specialisation

At B.Link, we understand the significance of supporting projects that aim for the common good, address social issues, and advocate for human rights.

Our diverse team brings a wide range of training and experiences, specialised in advising on collaborative projects.

Here are the areas in which we work!

Sustainable and regenerative tourism

Could tourism activities have a lesser impact on the environment? Or even better: would it be possible for tourism activities to reverse their negative effects and become a regenerative force for the biodiversity?  

This area of specialisation includes projects aimed at promoting tourism that respects the environment and the ecosystem, as well as the promotion of local culture and employment for autochthonous population. Sustainable and regenerative tourism should be a priority to conserve natural resources, preserve the cultural identity of host communities and guarantee tourism activities for future generations.

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Business competitiveness: clusters, internationalisation, and innovation

A commitment to innovation, internationalisation, digitalisation, and the promotion of R&D&I, is essential to ensure the competitiveness of businesses.  

These types of projects aim to respond to the challenges of globalisation and achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth that drives progress for all stakeholders.

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Biodiversity, environment and climate change

Climate change and biodiversity loss are the greatest global environmental challenges that humanity is facing. Efficient resource management is essential for achieving a more sustainable society. These projects propose solutions that aim to minimise the environmental footprint to achieve a transformation in cities. Reducing emissions, promoting circular economy, and protecting the oceans are all essential elements that constitute this challenge.

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Mobility and territorial cohesion

Smarter and more sustainable urban mobility, territorially balanced socio-economic development within a region and accessibility to public services and infrastructure for all citizens are high priorities on the current agenda. Cooperation projects in this sector aim to improve territorial cohesion and find new ways to adapt to changing population dynamics and mobility patterns.

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Social sector

Projects in the social sector aim to improve people’s quality of life and promote the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups. Initiatives in this sector propose new social models and ideas that respond to the main problems faced by civil societies. Social innovation is a key factor in achieving sustainable development that contributes to the well-being of citizens.

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Sport and culture

Another of our main areas of expertise is sport and culture. We work with cooperation projects that promote culture and sport as tools for the development and improvement of society. This area also includes education and research projects. These types of projects use sport, culture, and education to create a more inclusive, fair, and equal society.

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