Our team

We build relationships based on trust with organisations.

Close contact with the collaborating organisations and the clients, along with providing advice and guidance, is a fundamental part of our work.

At B.Link, we have a team of professionals with experience, empathy, problem-solving skills, and, above all, knowledge regarding the management of European funds for cooperation projects.

We work together to achieve optimal project efficiency!

Multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multilingual team

One of the main characteristics that defines us as a team is our multiculturalism. Our team is composed of professionals from diverse backgrounds with varying training and experiences. We bring together a great diversity of languages, perspectives, and knowledge. This factor is essential when it comes to incorporating different points of view and strategic approaches that benefit our projects.

Meet our team

Jordi Escribà

Founding Partner

Marta Rojas

Founding Partner

Nicolas Espitalier


Marianella Botta

Project manager​

Anna Monserrat

Project manager

Marta Aldomà

Project manager

Fanny Abela

Project manager

Laura Chillerón

Project manager